AI for Wrist and Arm Fracture Prediction

Wrist and arm fractures are very common injuries. Traditionally, X-rays have been used by radiologists to evaluate these fractures and determine the best course of treatment. However, analyzing X-rays and making an accurate diagnosis can be challenging and time-consuming.

RAD Sherpa's AI algorithm analyzes X-ray scans and predictively diagnoses wrist and arm fractures. This can help radiologists rapidly and accurately identify the location and severity of fractures, which guides treatment decisions such as casting versus surgery.

The workflow of our AI model includes preprocessing, inference, and model evaluation. The preprocessing procedure extracts, normalizes and rescales features from the X-ray images. The inference model uses a convolutional neural network to learn complex relationships between the extracted features and different types of wrist and arm fractures. The model evaluation process shows our AI has high accuracy in fracture prediction on testing datasets.

By providing rapid and accurate fracture prediction, RAD Sherpa's AI can improve patient outcomes and reduce costs associated with misdiagnosis and improper treatment of wrist and arm fractures. The AI assistant enables radiologists to make fast, evidence-based decisions about urgent orthopedic injuries.