Levering AI to Guide Radiologists to More Accurate and Faster Diagnosis

Sherpas are elite mountaineers whose expertise has proven immeasurably valuable in expeditions to climb Mount Everest. Their hardiness, expertise, and experience at the extreme altitudes of the peaks and passes of the Himalayas can be credited for successful treks to the summit of Everest and back. Bottom line - the guidance of Sherpa's saves lives. The medical intelligence of our AI software helps radiologists to do the same.

We help radiologists advance patient care by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI). The volume of physician request for medical imaging studies is on the rise due in part to an aging baby boomer population. This increased demand straining the capacity of qualified radiologists forcing them to produce more output, without compromising diagnostic accuracy. Our technology solutions empower radiologists with next-generation medical AI helping radiology service providers manage ever-increasing workloads without compromising patient care.

At RAD Sherpa, our fully automated diagnosis system is trained from millions of images and medical records by using advanced machine learning technologies. We collaborate with many hospitals and medical offices to acquire high quality data. The data are securely stored and well organized in our system to make them suitable for large scale analysis. By using deep learning algorithms, the AI system finds patterns from the data and then apply the learned knowledge to make accurate diagnosis.